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PATONA Premium AGM Lead Battery 12V 4.5Ah 20HR

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PATONA Premium AGM Lead Battery 12V 4.5Ah 20HR We are pleased to introduce a new product group... more
Product information "PATONA Premium AGM Lead Battery 12V 4.5Ah 20HR"

PATONA Premium AGM Lead Battery 12V 4.5Ah 20HR

We are pleased to introduce a new product group to you. From now on you will find PATONA AGM lead acid batteries in our premium range.
The extremely cycle-resistant PATONA AGM high-performance batteries have been developed for demanding and regular applications and have a very long service life. They have a low self-discharge of less than 3% per month. The charging cycle is over 1800 charges. The battery has a special rugged construction and a sealed housing and is leak-proof and maintenance-free.

It goes without saying that the PATONA brand is produced to the highest quality standards. However, in order to take a further step towards quality leadership and increased customer satisfaction, PATONA once again increased its quality awareness and launched the new long-lasting PATONA Premium battery series on the market.

Technical data:
Voltage: 12 Volt
Capacitance: 4.5 Ah
Application current: 14.5 V - 14.9 V
Standby operation: 13.5 V - 13.8 V
Initial current less than: 1.35 A
Type: AGM glass fibre fleece
Dimensions: 89 x 69 x 101mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1324 gr

- Caravan
- Model construction
- Children's vehicles
- Boats
- Cars
- Signalling and alarm systems
- Emergency power
- Model construction
- Lawn mower
- SUV/ZSV systems
- UPS systems
- Solar technology
- batteries for automobiles and motorcycles
- Traction batteries (electric bicycles and tricycles, slow electric vehicles such as forklifts, automatic transfer vehicles, special electric vehicles)
- Not suitable for scooters!

Things to know:
The PATONA Premium AGM rechargeable batteries are the latest development of lead acid batteries. For this purpose lead-calcium-tin alloys and acid were used as electrolyte, these are bonded in a fleece of glass fibre. Thus, this battery differs from the commercially available gel batteries many times over. Thanks to this design, we can guarantee freedom from maintenance.

Maximum safety even with incorrect use thanks to best quality and modern design. In order to avoid short circuits, plates (separators) were installed which consist of special microporous plastic separators. These are closed cells with a built-in pressure relief valve, which easily withstands the operating pressure.

The PATONA Premium AGM batteries can not only deliver high currents in a very short time, they also have a very high security and no memory effect. This battery type is very robust, maintenance-free and can be recycled at the end of its service life in an environmentally friendly way.
The common name for these PATONA Premium AGM lead-acid batteries is VRLA-AGM.

Pictures are only for illustration purposes - delivery may vary. Offered is a product of the quality brand PATONA.

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