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Battery for Dewalt und Black & Decker Werkzeuge 14,4 Volt

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Battery for Dewalt and Black & Decker tools 14,4 Volt Technical data: Capacity: 3000 mAh... more
Product information "Battery for Dewalt und Black & Decker Werkzeuge 14,4 Volt"

Battery for Dewalt and Black & Decker tools 14,4 Volt

Technical data:
Capacity: 3000 mAh
Type: Ni-Mh

Compatible model number:
CD1440K, CD632K, FS144, FSC414K-2, FSL144, PS3600, PS3650K, PS3650K-2,
CD 1440K, CD 632K, FS 144, FSC 414K-2, FSL 144, PS 3600, PS 3650K, PS 3650K-2,
CD 1440 K, CD 632 K, FSC 414 K-2, PS 3650 K, PS 3650 K-2, CD1440 K, CD632 K, FSC414 K-2, PS3650 K, PS3650 K-2

DC528 (Flash Light), DC551KA, DC612KA, DC613KA, DC614KA, DC615KA, DC728KA, DC757KA, DC757KB, DC930KA, DC935KA, DC936KA, DC983KA, DC983SA, DC984, DC984KA, DC984KB, DC984SA, DC984VA, DC985KA, DC985VA, DW054K-2, DW055K-2, DW906, DW918, DW928K, DW928K-2, DW931K, DW931K-2, DW935, DW935K, DW937K, DW941K, DW941K-2, DW966K, DW966K-2, DW969K, DW969K-2, DW983K, DW983K-2, DW984, DW984K-2, DW985, DW985K-2, DW985KV-2, DW991K-2, DW992K-2, DW994KQ, DW996K-2, DW996KQ,
DC 528, DC551 KA, DC612 KA, DC613 KA, DC614 KA, DC615 KA, DC728 KA, DC757 KA, DC757 KB, DC930 KA, DC935 KA, DC936 KA, DC983 KA, DC983 SA, DC 984, DC984 KA, DC984 KB, DC984 SA, DC984 VA, DC985 KA, DC985 VA, DW054 K-2, DW055 K-2, DW 906, DW 918, DW928 K, DW928 K-2, DW931 K, DW931 K-2, DW 935, DW935 K, DW937 K, DW941 K, DW941 K-2, DW966 K, DW966 K-2, DW969 K, DW969 K-2, DW983 K, DW983 K-2, DW 984, DW984 K-2, DW 985, DW985 K-2, DW985 KV-2, DW991 K-2, DW992 K-2, DW994 KQ, DW996 K-2, DW996 KQ,
DC 551 KA, DC 612 KA, DC 613 KA, DC 614 KA, DC 615 KA, DC 728 KA, DC 757 KA, DC 757 KB, DC 930 KA, DC 935 KA, DC 936 KA, DC 983 KA, DC 983 SA, DC 984 KA, DC 984 KB, DC 984 SA, DC 984 VA, DC 985 KA, DC 985 VA, DW 054 K-2, DW 055 K-2, DW 928 K, DW 928 K-2, DW 931 K, DW 931 K-2, DW 935 K, DW 937 K, DW 941 K, DW 941 K-2, DW 966 K, DW 966 K-2, DW 969 K, DW 969 K-2, DW 983 K, DW 983 K-2, DW 984 K-2, DW 985 K-2, DW 985 KV-2, DW 991 K-2, DW 992 K-2, DW 994 KQ, DW 996 K-2, DW 996 KQ,
DC 551KA, DC 612KA, DC 613KA, DC 614KA, DC 615KA, DC 728KA, DC 757KA, DC 757KB, DC 930KA, DC 935KA, DC 936KA, DC 983KA, DC 983SA, DC 984KA, DC 984KB, DC 984SA, DC 984VA, DC 985KA, DC 985VA, DW 054K-2, DW 055K-2, DW 928K, DW 928K-2, DW 931K, DW 931K-2, DW 935K, DW 937K, DW 941K, DW 941K-2, DW 966K, DW 966K-2, DW 969K, DW 969K-2, DW 983K, DW 983K-2, DW 984K-2, DW 985K-2, DW 985KV-2, DW 991K-2, DW 992K-2, DW 994KQ, DW 996K-2, DW 996KQ,

SBA 75, SBA75, SBA 75K, SBA75K, SBA 75 K

BS-14A Combi 0700114X, BS-14A Power 0700104X,
BS14A Combi 0 700 114 X, BS-14 A Power 0 700 104 X, BS14 A

Compatible part number:
PS140, PS 140

DC9091, DE9038, DE9091, DE9092, DE9094, DW9091, DW9094,
DC 9091, DE 9038, DE 9091, DE 9092, DE 9094, DW 9091, DW 9094

EZWA 77, EZWA 80, EZWA77, EZWA80

0700905430, 0700900420, 700900420, 700905430, SP14,4
0700 905 430, 0 700 900 420, 700 900 420, 700 905 430, SP 14,4

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