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spendenaktion-pts-trading-1To take responsibility.

As responsible world citizens and as a rechargeable battery wholesaler and specialist for laptop batteries, tool kits, digital camera batteries, power packs and chargers for digital cameras, and more, the importance of personal, social responsibility is an integral part of our business activities.

We do not turn away. On the contrary. We have decided to help make the world a better place. And we do it with YOUR order! Because through you and with your help, the world can become a place with more love, responsibility and solidarity.

You help automatically.

With love for life and human beings, it is possible to achieve more balance in a relatively simple yet effective way. We have come up with a way that YOU and we can help together, without you having to donate anything directly or having to support expensive or inefficient institutions.

1. We don't invest excessively and unnecessarily in media advertising.
2. We no longer send promotional gifts.
3. We don't send needless Christmas gifts to YOU, our valued customers.

emplem-pts-spenden-dankefue Only if people cut down on waste, will people who have too little be able to achieve a better life. Specifically, this means: no wasteful promotional gifts and not wrapping Christmas gifts. Instead, we support people who are in need of help and support them with all our heart.

Children's home St. Peter and Paul - Singen

With our current "Thank you for your love" campaign, you help support the non-profit children's home St. Peter and Paul in Singen am Hohentwiel, Germany. It is about investing in the future of young people and providing a variety of educational support from families including ADHD courses. Just by avoiding unnecessary advertising, promotional gifts and Christmas presents, we have already donated more than a few thousand euros to the children's home in Singen. And without it costing you a single cent extra! And 
100% transparent. Thank you very much for your help and cooperation.

Get more information about the Kinderheim Singen.

You want to do more?

If you want to do more good, you are welcome to donate to the children's home St. Peter and Paul with the account information below.

Bank: Sparkasse Singen-Radolfzell
IBAN: DE59692500350003091030