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Brand / Series

PATONA product series

We produce our products according to German quality standards. Our demands on our products are very high. Individual series enable us to meet a target group-oriented product portfolio for a wide range of requirements.


Standard Serie

The standard series replaces hundreds of original products in equally high and reliable PATONA quality. It offers a top price/performance ratio.

Target group:
Normal use in everyday use


COMFORT series

Comfort Serie

For high demands. The comfort series is equipped with the latest technologies and has a higher performance than the standard series.

Target group:
Normal to more frequent use in everyday use


PREMIUM series

Premium Serie

For professionals and frequent users. For permanent and flexible use with particularly high performance and a long service life.

Target group:
Professional long-term use



Platinum Serie

The best of the best - without compromise! The highest quality series from PATONA. Extremely high performance and durability. Maximum performance.

Target group:
Professional continuous use


Berenstargh brand

Berenstargh Serie

Berenstargh is the exclusive brand for retailers and retailers. The specialist and retail trade. These are particularly high-quality components and a unique image.

Target group:
Specialist and retail trade


About the brand PATONA

Excellent products at fair prices and professional advice. This is further emphasized by the brands PATONA and BERENSTARGH.

The PTS- Trading GmbH has increased its own stock and has thus besides the well-known products also the brand products of PATONA available at any time. Ring in a new era! Put your trust in the PATONA brand. You will certainly be positively surprised!


History / mission statement

PTS Trading GmbH, based in Hilzingen, has grown from a retail company to a wholesale company with an outstanding image since it was founded in 2005. In 2013, PATONA International S.L.U. will continue to carry this image into the international world. The company is accountable for the constant economic growth and will appear in October 2013 together with PATONA International S.L.U. in its own international association of companies.

The tasks are clearly defined in the companies. Our distribution tasks focus on the supply of batteries and power supplies for all well-known notebooks and digital cameras as well as camcorders from now on in PATONA International S.L.U. The strategic basis and in particular conception and company development are still in the PTS Trading GmbH. With the extension and strict separation of the tasks we guarantee an optimal support of all customers.

Over the years, an increasingly efficient portfolio has been created.

We see ourselves not only as a "classic distributor", but rather as a forward-looking service provider and wholesaler for the trade.

It is our aim to consistently expand our high-quality product range and not to lose sight of our motto "fast, reliable and fair". This is guaranteed by long, respectful, cooperative and honest relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers.